Wait, come back.  You can join and then you will be able to see all the perks that NAMAR has to offer.  Just click on the link below to sign-up or log-in.  Cost is just $25 per year. (starting from when you join)   YOU MUST PAY THE $25 FEE BEFORE YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE ACTIVATED.  You can't play the games until you are approved.

Membership has rewards.  Twice yearly Photo Shows, Year End Awards, and the chance to win a gift card for FREE!!  You must be a member of NAMAR in order to participate in these activities.

Have you lost your registration papers?  Members can get them replaced free of charge. (limit of one per year)  Do you have the old style of registration papers (without the picture) and would like to upgrade?  Members can do so free of charge. (limit of one per year)

NOTE:  If you pay via ZELLE, the membership fee is only $20 per year.  Please send to namarmustangs@yahoo.com​

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Only current members are allowed to compete in the contests.  If you enter and your membership is not paid up, your entry will not count.  You can join and enter at the same time though. 

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PLEASE Sign up to be a member after you pay.  You don't have to, but it will allow you to get to the "members only" page.
NOTICE: If paying via ZELLE, the membership is $20 per year.  Please send to namarmustangs@yahoo.com 
Please e-mail me at the same address to let me know you have joined, and don't forget to sign up below!​