This show is open to all Mustangs and non Mustangs, with special classes just for NAMAR registered Mustangs and 1/2 Mustangs. If you would like to enter the NAMAR classes but your Mustang is not yet registered, you may register and enter at the same time.  You must include the required number of pictures for each class. Multiple pictures may be printed out on the same sheet of paper, as long as only one horse is on each paper. Entry fee is $5 per class per horse or $25 for unlimited classes. (per horse) 

Your Mustang does not have to be registered with NAMAR in order to be shown in the Open classes, but does need to be registered with NAMAR in order to show in the NAMAR classes. 

For Halter, please include at least 4 photos.  Left side, right side, front, and back.  (Mustangs and 1/2 Mustangs show separately in Halter, but are combined in all other classes.)  Halter classes are divided according to the age and sex of the horse and will depend on the number of entrants in each class as to how they are divided.

For Western and English Pleasure, please include at least 3 photos of horse moving to the right at the walk, trot, and lope/canter AND also 3 photos of horse moving to the left at the walk, trot, and lope/canter.

For Trail, please include at least 4 photos, showing your horse at 4 different obstacles.  You choose the obstacles, but must be four different ones.  You can show in-hand trail or under saddle trail. 

At Liberty means just that.  What can you and your horse accomplish at liberty?  Show a video of the two of you working without any leads or reins.

For Color, please include at least 2 photos showing each side of the horse.  You can use the same photos for halter and color if you would like. 

For Funniest Photo, let your imagination soar.  Will be judged on originality and humor.  GO WILD!!

Deadline for this contest is April 30, 2020.  All photos must be in by this time.  No clipping required, long hair and whiskers preferred.  Nylon equipment allowed.  Dress code is casual, no fancy clothes required.  Please do not use pictures from a previous show, all photos must be new. 

The more horses entered in each class, the better the prizes.  All NAMAR classes  will award points to the top 3 entries.  These points go on the horses' record.  (Must have at least 4 horses entered in order for points to be awarded.) 


Mail your check and photos to NAMAR, POBox 850906, Mesquite TX 75185-0906

Or if you prefer to e-mail your pictures, send them to:  namarmustangs@yahoo.com​​

You can also pay via PayPal if you would like.  ​​

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Spring Photo Show 2020

Please answer every field.  A 'yes' or 'no' for whether or not you are entering that class.