Registering your Mustang will keep track of the lineage of your horse, will help prove ownership, will allow you to compete in NAMAR Mustang classes and year end awards, and will show your pride in your Mustang.

The North American Mustang Association and Registry was founded in 1986, and the first Mustang was registered in 1987.  In 2015, NAMAR became the official Mustang Registry of the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

From this date forward (6/1/2018) ONLY BLM branded Mustangs and their offspring will be eligible for registration.  1/2 Mustangs will continue to be eligible for registration as long as one parent is registered with NAMAR.  The other parent can be any breed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact NAMAR at namarmustangs@yahoo.com.

Nevada's Miss Tang
NAM 8716
1977 - 2009

First Mustang to be registered with NAMAR

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North American Mustang Association and Registry